A.M.P - Advanced Music Player

This Site Was Made To Help You

When I finished school, there was a lot of time I had to spend before my life would go on as usual. So I thought I would finish the work on my project. This project was covering the building of a well working MP3-Car-Player out of computer junk that was lying arround, unused, for some time. The Idea was quite simple. A stand alone Windows computer with a small hard-drive and winamp in autostart. As Winamp can be controlled by keyboard there should be no problem rewirering the keyboard chip and use some other buttons instead carrying a whole keyboard around. This is all for the idea, but as always, it's not that easy making it work.

This site is made out of 5 sectors.
*The "BASICS" are what we need to complete work.
*The "PROS" is everything concerning the work itself and what might help you.
*"Mails" speaks for themself.
*"PICS" are some pictures of my A.M.P as it exists today.
*"LEGAL" should be read by you as I'm not responsible ... ect.

By the way, This is NO step-by-step-so-everyone-can-do-this kind of project. Some simple skills are required. These are:

*Knowledege how to build up a computer from parts.
*How to use a soldering iron.
*Some intelligence to clear up problems that might cross your way.

Well, I did it, my friends did it, you can, too. So don't give up too soon, you can at least mail me.

Version 1.1e /01.07.2000