A.M.P - Advanced Music Player

Things You Should Know

* I am not responsible for any damage that might happen to your stuff.

* I have to remind that components of a PC were not build to be used in a car, so they might have a shortened lifespan. Try to limit shocks.

* A novice in computer and electronic is NOT abled to construct his own A.M.P ! This is work for people that have no problem installing a car-audio system WITHOUT reading the manual. (Or just for to check the connections)

* Keep cool when problems occur !

* Be proud of your work, even if it's not all your idea.

* You might ask yourself why to work so hard for a MP3-Player when you could easily purchase a player of a different type for your car. The answer is simple: Upgrade Ability. This Winamp based system can be equipped with any data-source avaiable (CD-ROM,CD-RW,DVD,MOD, ZIPDISK,LS120 and many more) and what's best: Every sound-file of a type that can be played with winamp (MOD,MP3,MP4,VOC,WAV,WMA,MIDI,VQF,AAC,AUD,etc..) can be played with the A.M.P ! All you need is the right input-plugin. Just like MP3-files they only need to be placed in a playlist. You could even completely mix a CD with different file types.
Also you can use all other plugins for Winamp, like a remote control unit, if you want to.