A.M.P - Advanced Music Player

Some Pictures Of My Installation

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This is my car, it's a Honda Prelude, 137 PS, built 1988. The player is installed in the trunk.
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These are the control buttons. I choose them to fit the interior design. They're also illuminated. The place where I installed them was a cassette holder until I used it to keep the buttons.
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This is just another view of the control buttons. The advantage of this location ist that all the frontpassengers can access them.
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This is the computer installed in the trunk. The pink thing is foam to limit shocks and absorb them to enlarge the lifetime of the hard drive. The small battery in the lower right corner of the PC housing is a little 12 volt battery that buffers the power supply when the cars engine starts, so that the player runs on.
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This the amplifier I installed. It's 100 watt sinus (all channels together). As it was very cheap, it had only 2 channels, so I needed to do some more tricks to get it working on four speakers without having trouble with the radio.
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When everything is covered it looks just like normal. I like it when you can't see modifications. It gives the installation a professional touch.
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