A.M.P - Advanced Music Player

What Do We Need ?

On the first page I told you that I build my player out of computer junk. So what we need is listed in this table. Mind the notes that are written beneath the parts, they're more important than you might think.

No. Item Special Notes
1 Personal Computer Needs to be at least Pentium.
Must be mechanically without any problems.
Should run stable with a plain Windows95 installation.
2 Keyboard As cheap as possible.
Will be broken, we need the ASCII-chip only. All keys need to work.
No mechanical problems eather, except stucking keys.
Check if the cable and plug are in good condition.
3 CD-ROM The speed is not important. Even a single speed does it.
If you are planning to store the PC in such a position that the drive will be upside down or has to work in any non regular position, be shure to get a drive that is slot-in or has clips that hold the CD inside the tray when loading it.
If the drive is non-IDE or SCSI, be shure to use the latest drivers to secure that you have long filename support.
4 Soundcard The card should be 16bit Stereo and should have no problems when working under Win95. 8bit Mono cards would do the job but they sound terrible.
5 Power Converter The converter is used to supply the 220V (or 110V if it is a US-type-PC) that the PC needs to function by converting the 12V of your car's battery into 220V (or 110V if US).The price range is different depending on power and wave-type. We need about 150W permanent. The wave type isn't important, so buy the cheapest one that has enough power. (No sinus-type for example). These converters are available at camping stores and at shops that sell electronic parts.
6 Car Amplifier As the soundcard isn't that powerfull we need an amplifier.Depending on your car's soundsystem you can choose what ever you want. (2-6 channels, 5-1000 Watt).
Be shure to have the same number of channels than your radio ! And don't use the amplifier and the radio same time. It might blow up one of them.